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Accurion Heavy Load Series
Vibration Isolation

Accurion Heavy Load Series

Solutions for heavy load equipment > 600 kg (1,300 lbs)

The heavy load isolation systems are designed for installation on the floor directly underneath the application. They are the ideal solution for the vibration isolation of scanning electron microscopes and similar equipment.

Available products are isolation platforms and heavy duty vibration isolation elements. To select the required isolation system, the actual weight of the application equipment, load distribution and further parameters are key. Customized versions with modified dimensions or increased load ranges are available on request.

Sandwich series – high performance floor platforms

Sandwich platforms feature compact dimensions (1000 x 800 x 130 mm³) and excellent isolation performance.

Each Sandwich includes precision machined 15 mm thick top and bottom plates, surrounding 4 to 8 integrated vibration isolation elements as well as an external control unit. The quantity of vibration isolation elements defines the load capacity of the platform.
A load range of up to 1200 kg can be realized.

Duo series – heavy duty vibration isolation elements

The Duo isolation elements have been engineered as a modular system to meet the requirements of the most diverse applications. They can be used in combination with optical breadbords for example or directly below a heavy-duty measurement equipment.

The basic configuration of the Duo constists of two isolation elements. Combinations of 3, 4 or more elements are possible. A load range of up to 2.500 kg can be realized.

Sales Channel

In regards to sales and consulting of the heavy load isolation products we are cooperating with W.A.V.E. who focus on the active vibration isolation of midsize and heavyweight equipment. 

With nearly two decades working in this business, W.A.V.E. has lots of competence and experience to provide the most appropriate solution meeting customer requirements.  

In addition, W.A.V.E. provides expertise in performing and evaluating professional vibration measurements.

  • Active Vibration Isolation in six degrees of freedom
  • No natural low frequency resonance – excellent vibration isolation characteristics in the low frequency range
  • Settling time only 0.3 s
  • Active isolation starts at 1 Hz (passive isolation > 200 Hz)
  • No compressed air required – power supply only
  • Excellent position stability and stiffness


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